Sale! DALRC XR215 Full Carbon Fiber Quad Frame Kits for FPV Racing FPV Build in OSD BEC BB Ring

DALRC XR215 Full Carbon Fiber Quad Frame Kits for FPV Racing FPV Build in OSD BEC BB Ring


US$ 249.99




XR215 is latest frame for FPV race, all carbon fiber, 3.5mm frame, very tough. FOXEER D1 team represent China participate WDP at Dubai, FOXEER D1 team use XR215 frame. It come with EMAX RS2205 motor, BL20A ECS, DALPROP T5045 triblade props, NAZE32 V6 flight control,FOXEER 5.8Ghz 600mw 40ch tx,and FOXEER XAT600M HS1177 camera


Built in OSD video overlap(support voltage, flight time, horizon, mode, need flight control)
Built in dual 2 way 5V/12V 2A BEC Low ripple power supply
5V/12V switchable voltage for camera
Built in VTx switch for turning off VTx when power off
Built in BB ring(flight control is needed)
Come with solderless wire, XT60 battery wire
Lens fasten Cardboard(pitch up 25°)
Motor protection base( nylon fibre)
Several Antenna holes and outlet hole, easy fasten antenna and power cable, 2pcs free protective ring   
3.5MM 3K integrated arm
2mm carbon fiber except arm, high strength
Collision insurance board is added at head part
8 lights 7colors LED taillight
Reasonable layout, easy installation
High strength lightweight aluminum column
Adopts Taiwan imports YFS screw, nut, high precision and durable
Can reach 130KM/H


Diagonal wheelbase:215mm
Propeller:4 inch/5 inch Working voltage:3-4S

Recommend configuration:

Practice:G2204 KV2300 motor BL12A  ESC, DALPROP 5045 propeller MR1172,1600mAh 3S battery
Race:RS2205 KV2300 motor, BL20A ESC, DALPROP 5045 triblade T5045,1500mAh 4S battery


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