EFSEN UV & EB TECHNOLOGY is the exclusive distributor of leading UV, UV-LED and EB systems in selected areas within Europe. Beside the products we distributes, we are also the manufacturer of UV systems filling in the missing areas to complete our product range within UV, UV-LED and EB.

Flatbed printer UV LED

Press machine UV LED

Press machine UV LED PM series

Screen printing UV LED

Screen printing UV LED SP series

Inkjet printer UV LED

Inkjet printer UV LED IP series Water cooling & Air cooling

UV curing oven

Other Products

Wood coating UV LED

Wood coating UV LED WC series

UV glue curing UV LED

365nm UV LED can be used for UV glue, UV adhesive, UV gel curing , Electronic components fixation curing, hard disc, micro-generator, earphone curing, watch precision components manufacturing.

UV LED module

UV LED module

UV Radiation Cross-Linking equipment

The LED UV-irradiated polyethylene cross-linking equipment is developed by Yongcheng Group, the equipment uses imported LED chips. The energy consumption of equipment is 70% less than that of old model. The cross-linking speed is two times or above of the original. The new technology solves the problem of thick insulation and slow speed, its volume is small , the design is more reasonable, instead of the steam cross-linking process, improves the production efficiency greatly.

UV Germicidal Disinfection UVC Lights

High Efficiency Effective Sterilization UVC Lamp Air Purifier UV-C Disinfection Panel Light. LED&UVC All-in-One design. LED Light Brightness 1-5 setting steps (20%/40%/60%/80%/100%) LED Light CCT 1-3 setting steps (3000K/4000K/5000K) HEPA Filtration system & Air Circulation system

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