Sale! 1.2G 1.3G 8CH AV 800mW Digital Wireless Transmitter

1.2G 1.3G 8CH AV 800mW Digital Wireless Transmitter


US$ 39.99




8CH video & audio, good performance of anti-interference
Transmitter frequency: 1.080Ghz, 1.120Ghz, 1.160Ghz, 1.200Ghz, 1.240Ghz , 1.280Ghz, 1.320Ghz C:1.360Ghz
Transmitting distance>600m(open area)
Analog AV signal input
Compact size, light weight

Upgrade to 9CH, add 1.258GHz


Transmitter Frequency(MHz) 1.080Ghz, 1.120Ghz, 1.160Ghz, 1.200Ghz 1.240Ghz, 1.280Ghz, 1.320Ghz, 1.360Ghz, 1.258Ghz
Transmitting Power 800mW
Transmitting Distance >600m(open area)
Frequency Control Built-in frequency PLL (phase lock loop)
ANT Connector SMA
AV Input Analog AV signal input
Power Supply: DC12 volts
Current Supply 300mA
Size 53*45*19mm
Weight 78g
Package Included 1 x Transmitter
1 x Antenna
1 x Cable

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