What is the shipping time?
Free shipping tracking is 15~22 business days
Normal shipping with registered mail is 10~15 business days
Normal shipping with battery is 10~20 business days
Fast shipping is 3~5 business days

What is IR block and IR sentisive and the difference?
1. Camera can be divides to IR block and IR sensitive, IR block is more suitable for daytime fly, IR sensitive is more suitable for night fly.
2. There are 2 methods to add IR block filter, on the CCD or on the lens, if IR block filter is on the CCD, the camera is IR block forever regardless of the lens you installed except you remove it, if on the lens, things become easy, you can change the lens to change the camera between IR sensitive and IR block.

Can I change the default lens?
Of course, you can, we prepare plenty of lens for you.

Where do you ship?
We ship worldwide

How can I choose desired courier?
Due to the changing prices of couriers and numerous sheer options, we select the best priced shipping for the desired shipping method.