Sale! SunnySky X2204S-16 2300kV Brushless Multirotor Motor Generation II

SunnySky X2204S-16 2300kV Brushless Multirotor Motor Generation II


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SunnySky X2204S KV2300 brushless out runner motor designed specially for multirotors in 200-300 sizes.
The motor with a bullet prop adapter weights 22 grams.
Recommended to use on a multirotor that weights maximum 250 grams multiplied the number of motors on the aircraft.
Motor weight: 21g
Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Stator Diameter: 22mm
Stator Length: 4mm
Overall Diameter: 27mm
Overall Length: 13mm (not including shaft) 28mm (including shaft)
Prop Mount: 4.96mm (standard size for commonly used mini-quad props like the Gemfan 5030 & HQ Prop 5x4.5)

Package Include :

1 x 2204 Motor CW or CCW



With the technology of the last 3 - 4 yrs it's hard to believe there's still a market for the first 2204 /2300kv that all else were compared to for so long. This is why I refuse to swap em over on quads from that era. Also Cobra, but they were twice price & had to cheat with bigger stators!! The gen2 can handle 4s easily, no loose magnets after 15mtjs of torture and even 5s & 4045 BN can't kill em.


These are original Sunnysky motors in the original box for as far as I can tell.nI ordered four motors (all CW, use nyloc nuts), and they are great: very low profile, lower noise than my previous 1806 motors and they fit my Lisam210 frame perfectly. Shipping was fast, within two weeks.nnOne of the motors turned out to be defective although you could not see any damage. There was just no movement, and it was not due to ESC's or FC (tested). Hi FPV refunded me within two days, and I ordered a new motor. nVery happy with the (working) motors and the support from HiFPV; definitely a good experience.


I received this motors and can confirm they are genuine. Smooth bearings and excellent quality!


They are original Motors from sunnysky!! Very fast delivery, may be only two weeks!


Hi nis this original sunnysky 2300kv motors ?

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