UV Germicidal Disinfection UVC Lights

Air Purifier LED Panel Light Ceiling UV Lamp Disinfection for Home, Medical, Hotel, Office, School, Commercial, Hospital, Supermarket, Shopping Mall, etc.


Human-Machine Coexistence

LED&UVC All-in-One design.

LED Light Brightness 1-5 setting steps (20%/40%/60%/80%/100%)

LED Light CCT 1-3 setting steps (3000K/4000K/5000K)

HEPA Filtration system & Air Circulation system

Digital Display: status about UVC/LED/FAN/TIMER, etc.

Remote Control - UVC on/off, LED on/off, Timer, Fan setting, etc.

Disinfection/ Sterilization/ Mite Removal

The sterilization rate up to 99%

No secondary pollution: bacteria and viruses die directly under ultravoilet light, no other chemical pollutants are produced, and there is no residual secondary pollution.

Ultravoilet light can kill and exterminate most bacteria and viruses: low temperature resistant pathogenic micro-organisms, drug-risistant pathogenic micro-organisms and high temperature resistant pathogenic micro-organisms.

2 in 1 LED Flat Panel Light Ceiling Mounted Air Purifier UVC Disinfection for School Hospital

1.LED & UVC All-in-One design. 2.LED Light Brightness 1-5 setting steps (20%/40%/60%/80%/100%) 3.LED Light CCT 1-3 setting steps (3000K/4000K/5000K) 4.HEPA filtration system 5.Air flow system

New Design UV Disinfection Lamp Quartz Glass Tube UV Germicidal LED Panel Light Lab School Hospital

LED & UVC All-in-One design. It can be used in any public place. It's healthy and environmentally friendly.

Man-Machine Coexistence Infrared Remote Control UV Disinfection Circulation System Air Purifier

Four sides of the upper room radiation light design: improve the purification range and efficiency, four sides of the light belongs to the upper room radiation layer, only in the installed 2.1m high position UV-C ultraviolet radiation, In this way, man-machine coexistence is achieved, so that the upper space is purified while commercial activities continue below.

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