Sale! 5.8Ghz 12dbi Ultra Light

5.8Ghz 12dbi Ultra Light


US$ 13.21




Gain: 12 dBi
Frequency range: 5600-5950Mhz
SWR: ≤ 1.5
3dB horizontal lobe width: 70 degree
3dB verticle lobe width: 45 degree
Polarization: vertical
Resistance: 50Ω
Connector: RP SMA (default) or SMA
Size: 62.4(H) X32(W) X 6(TH) mm
Net Weight: 30g
Package Weight: 50g
Note: Please mount the antennas to the tx and rx correspondingly and properly. Tx antenna can not be mounted to Rx, likewise, Rx antenna can not be mounted to TX.

Package Include :

1 x Receiver Antenna

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