Sale! 1.4Ghz Low Pass Filter for 1.2Ghz System

1.4Ghz Low Pass Filter for 1.2Ghz System


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1: Small volume, light weight, small insertion loss, frequency can be customized
2: Gold-plated SMA connector on both sides of (for SMA female head, external thread hole; on the other side for the SMA male head - internal thread needle), double-sided circuit board design, high mechanical strength, stable performance.
3: Good passband ripple coefficient and capacity restraint outside the band.
4: Unique shielding design, beautiful and practical.
5: Imported patch components, durable, zero failure rate.
6. Frequency can be customized to low pass LPF-1200MHz, LPF-1300MHz, LPF-1380MHz, LPF-1400MHz..
7. Weight: 5.4g
8. Size: 35 * 7 * 6.5 mm

Package Include:

1 x Low Pass Filter

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